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This new 25 vol edition was sponsored and published by private donors, given an isbn and printed by the Mi rigs dpe skrun khang. The distribution, it seems, is handled by the donors and the series has not yet reached the book shops. However, we were able to obtain some sets of this rare edition.

The series is in line with similar collections of the Sa skya, bKa’ brgyud and rNying ma schools presenting traditional and modern scholarship on all aspects of the respective school’s wisdom in the fields of grammar, medicine, philosophy, tantra, and other doctrines.

<stong skor> tshe ring thar.  2010:  zhang bod mes po’i rjes bzhag gangs ti se bon gzhung rig mdzod srid gsum skye dgu’i phan bde dga’ tshal bzhad pa’i rgyal bstan gzi byin lung rigs nyi ma ‘bum gyi dkyil ‘khor ‘bar ba las. gangs ti se bon gzhung rig mdzod dpe tshogs 1-25. pe cin  (mi rigs dpe skrun khang). Vol. 1-25 of 25, 573, 359, 471, 655, 569, 415, 505, 425, 579, 299, 621, 715, 419, 701, 443, 633, 473, 711, 609, 415, 563, 755, 607, 483, 389 pp. 7105110193; Tibetan: € 540,00

1. ston pa’i mdzad rnam dang lo rgyus kyi skor
2. brda dag sgra sbyor gyi skor
3.  snyan ngag mngon brjod kyi skor
4. bzo rig dang rtsis kyi skor
5. gso rig ‘bum bzhi
6. bsdus tshad blo rtags kyi skor
7. byang chub lam rim blo sbyong gi skor
8. theg rim dang dbu ma’i skor
9. theg pa chen po sa lam gyi skor
10. sher phyin snga dum gyi skor
11. sher phyin phyi dum gyi skor
12. snang srid mdzod phugs kyi skor
13. ‘dul ba rgyas bsdus kyi skor
14. sde snod mdzod rtsa ‘grel
15. spyi spungs bsen thub kyi skor
16. gsang sngags rgyud drug gi skor
17. gsang sngags bka’ ‘grel gyi skor
18. gsang sngags ma rgyud kyi skor
19. rdzogs chen tshad ma’i skor
20. rdzogs chen man ngag bka’ brten gyi skor
21. rdzogs chen sku gsum rang shar
22. byang sems gab pa’i rtsa ‘grel
23. rdzogs chen yang rtse klong chen
24. rdzogs chen snyan rgyud bka’ rgyud skor bzhi
25. rdzogs chen ye khri mtha’ sel

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