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Tibetan language journals are very hard to obtain and access. It is our goal to make the scholarly articles, prose pieces, poems and essays published in more then 200 journals all over the Tibetan plateau available to a broader audience. Intellectual discurses as well as scholarship and research in Tibet is published in journals rather than books and has largely been ignored basically due to lack of access to physical journals. We built up our own holdings of more then 200 different Tibetan language journals and magazines as well as some papers.

Many of these journals can be purchased from our online store in hard bound volumes or loose issues.

In addition to that we started a new service that allows you to get scans of individual articles delivered by email or download. We have so far added close to 12.000 articles to our data base and will slowly, step by step add these to the Journal Articles section.

Since it is beyond our capacities to read through as well as add keywords to each and every article we decided to add articles to different categories according to the journal they are published in. If you know what you are looking for you may just type part of the title or the name of the author into the instant search field using Wylie. The results shown will include both books and journal articles. But you may also browse through the journals which we arranged in different categories. Here is a short description of what articles have been added to different sections.

Under the category Tibetology you would find articles from the various University journals, Krung go’i bod rig pa, Bod ljongs zhib ‘jug, Bod ljongs sgyu rtsal zhib ‘jug etc.

religion: articles from journals focussing on Tibetan religions, both Buddhism and Bon, such as Bod ljongs nang bstan

folk culture: articles dealing with folklore, folk literature and folk customs such as Gangs ljongs rig gnas, Mang tshogs sgyu rtsal etc.

literary arts: articles from literary journals such as Sbrang char, Bod kyi rtsom rig sgyu rtsal, Lho kha’i rtsom rig sgyu rtsal, Zla zer etc.

medicine (soon to come)

Sometimes it is difficult to guess from a title what to expect. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and we will do our best to get you more detailed information on the article (or, of course, book) in question. However, we wont be able to read through articles and provide abstracts.

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