about us

In 2005 we founded tibetbook.net as we realized the growing demand for someone able to provide the community of tibetologists, librarians, Tibetans and Buddhists outside China with books written in Tibetan language.

tibetbook.net keeps track of new publications, such as books, magazines and journals as well as the bulk of scattered independent publications and gray literature. tibetbook.net will also research rare and out-of-print publications on request.

tibetbook.net distributes Tibetan language publication through updates and lists informing about recent publications. In February 2008 we added tibetica.net, a Tibetan Online Shop, to our list of services.

Additionally, tibetbook.net can assist you in any Tibetan or Tibetan Studies related issue, such as researching, transcribing of interviews or computerizing texts, organizing travel and the like.

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