book & library services

research, collection, and acquisition of Tibetan language publications

For libraries or collectors we find and collect books according to the special needs of our customer. You tell us your criteria such as thematic extent, time period, or the maximum ammount to be spent in a certain period of time, and we will get the according titles for you. If you’d need special data processing, we will do our best to meet your needs.

For libraries and institutions we offer special conditions, please contact us at info(at)tibetbook(dot)net

research of Tibetan language journals, magazines, and papers

Besides books we can provide all the standard Tibetan journals and magazines as well as a variety of more than 80 less commonly available journals and magazines for purchase.

In addition to that we are happy to provide you with copies of certain articles (pdf) from journals, magazines, and, even, papers like the “bod ljongs nyin re’i tshags par”, the “mtsho sngon bod yig gsar ‘gyur”, the “rgna ba gsar ‘gyur”, the “gzhi rtse’i tshags par”, etc.

rare and out of print titles

If you are looking for a rare or out of print title, or for a traditional dPe cha-edition, we are likley to be able to find what you are looking for.

please contact us at info @

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