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tibetbook.net update 1.2015

February 14, 2015


Dear friends and colleagues,   Just before Tibetan New Year, we are back with our first short update for 2015. As common for New Year in Lhasa businesses hours are short and all business takes considerable time. So we hope you understand that even though we try our best, shipments may get postponed until just […]

tibetbook.net update 9.2014 (X-mas)

December 12, 2014


Dear friends and colleagues, This is the last update for the year 2014. It is rather short and features some books, which managed to escape previous updates. We also want to say thank you and wish you all a merry Christmas and of course a good and successful new year 2015! We will be operating […]

tibetbook.net update 08.2014

November 20, 2014


this late update for November features more than 85 newly available publications on a wide range of topics including among others Buddhism, Bon, Music and Medicine. All publications may be viewed and purchased online at http://tibetbook.net/en/new-products. Delivery of books is from China and is not subject to VAT. Please provide an EU-VAT-ID if possible with […]

tibetbook.net update 7.2014

September 10, 2014


All publications may be viewed and purchased online at http://tibetbook.net/en/new-products. 1 Buddhism (2) 2 2 history (2) 2 3 journals (1) 2 4 language (3) 2 5 literature (10) 3 6 people (1) 4 7 places (2) 4 8 science (1) 4 9 society (6) 4 10 Tibetan studies (2) 5 Delivery of books is […]

tibetbook.net update 6.2014

August 2, 2014


Dear friends and colleagues, In this small update we offer some interseting series. Especially, the bod kyi gso ba rig pa gna’ dpe phyogs bsgrigs dpe tshogs, about we had forgotten for a long period and in which still new titles on Traditional Tibetan Medicine ar being published.   All publications may be viewed and […]

NOTICE: Delivery possible to all destinations again

June 23, 2014


Luckily China lifted restrictions recently posed on delivery of mail and parcles to a number of destinations, including Australia and Germany. We can therefore accept orders from all countries without limitations. regards, tibetbook.net

tibetbook.net update 05.2014

June 1, 2014


Bon (1) 1) don grub lha rgyal. 2013: g.yung drung bon gyi grub mtha’ spyi bshad. bod kyi grub mtha’i rig mdzod. lha sa (bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang). 287 pp. 9787223037518; [engl. Khadampa School] Tibetan: € 13,00 Buddhism (6) 2) bsod nams grags pa. no d.: bka’ gdams chos ‘byung. gangs can […]

NOTICE: No delivery to Germany, Australia etc. possible

May 23, 2014


Please note: Delivery is possible again to all destinations! Dear customers, please note that for reasons not explained, the China Post Office in Lhasa does NOT accept shipments to Germany, Serbia, Australia, Hungary and Singapore. If you want your shipment sent to one of these countries, you can still place an order, but please do […]

tibetbook.net update 04.2014

May 13, 2014


Dear friends and colleagues, In this fourth update we offer more than 80 new publications covering a broad range of topics. All publications may be viewed and purchased online at http://tibetbook.net/en/new-products. 1      Bon     (5) 1)            <shes rab smra ba’i> seng ge.  2010:  bon gyi legs bshad phyogs bsgrigs bzhugs. no pl.  (khyung po steng chen […]

tibetbook.net update 3.2014

April 20, 2014


Dear friends and colleagues, Happy Easter!!! This third update for 2014 features some new books, but we also included a number of titles which are back in stock. But we would like to draw your attention to our recent updates of journal articles, such as for example the contents of Spang rgyan me tog from […]